Property Rules

It is our goal to maintain this property and as a condition of residency; Management has established the following policies. All residents and guests must abide by these policies, as they are essential for the comfort and convenience of all residents.

1. SERVICE REQUESTS. All requests should be made via phone or in writing to the property manager. We will in turn relay the request to maintenance. Any plumbing leak of a serious nature, frozen water lines, lack of heat in winter or electrical failure should be considered an emergency, in which case Management should be notified immediately. Air conditioner problems will not be considered an emergency unless the outside temperature exceeds 85 degrees. Any expense incurred by Management as a result of mistreatment of the property or common areas will, insofar as necessary, be assessed against the resident(s) responsible. For your convenience and information, a set of instructions for the operation of appliances and mechanical equipment may be available on request. KEYS AND LOCKS. Alterations or replacement of locks or installation of bolts, door knockers, peepholes or other attachments on the interior or exterior of any door must be installed by maintenance of have management’s prior approval. Management will admit residents who have been locked out of their unit for the following nominal charges: during office hours $25.00 (due upon unlock-cash only), after office hours, $35.00.

2. GUESTS. Guests are welcome at this property. Guests should limit their stay to no more than 3 day duration per visit unless prior written permission has been obtained from management. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests. Please help make their stay more enjoyable by informing them of the property policies in advance. We may exclude guests or others who, in our judgment, have been violating the law: violating the lease or any rules; or disturbing other residents, neighbors, visitors, or owner representatives. We may also exclude from any common area a person who refuses to show photo identification or refuses to identify himself or herself as a resident, occupant or guest of a specific resident.

3. COMMOM AREAS AND SUPERVISION OF PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. All common areas, including but not limited to parking lots, stairwells, breezeways, garages, courtyard areas, sidewalks, patios and lawns must be kept clear at all times of any trash, refuse, bicycles, athletic equipment, riding or other toys and barbeque pits/grills. If any such items are noticed by management personnel and appear to be abandoned, they will be removed. You will have 24 hours to retrieve the items for a $25.00 storage fee. If not picked up, they will be disposed of.


All persons under the age of 18 residing in the dwelling must be attended by a parent, guardian or legal custodian, or authorized representative must attend all persons under the age of 18 residing in the unit upon the return of the person from school or other activity. Persons under the age of 18 may not be permitted to remain in the common areas of the unit without such supervision and must have access to their dwelling, upon return from school or other activity. The failure of the resident to provide such supervision and access shall constitute a breach of the resident’s lease.

4. SOLICITORS AND SALESPEOPLE. Because management wants all residents to enjoy the privacy of their dwelling, we ask that any uninvited solicitors or salespeople be reported to management immediately,

5. DISTURBANCES, NOISES, ETC. Residents must refrain from making or permitting any disturbing noises by their family members or guests. Any noisy or boisterous conduct, including the loud playing of stereos, televisions or musical instruments, which would disturb the peace and quiet enjoyment of other residents, is absolutely prohibited. The practice of illegal activities is grounds for eviction. . If for any reason it should be necessary to call FIRE, RESCUE or POLICE for assistance, please call 911 directly for help rather than Property Manager. Notify Management immediately AFTER calling the police, Fire Department, etc., as to the nature of the emergency.

6. PATIOS, BALCONIES AND COMMON AREAS. Satellite dishes are NOT permitted on patios or balconies and may not be affixed to the building exterior. All barbeque pits/grills or cookers should be kept in back yard areas.

7. EXTERIOR ALTERATIONS. In order to maintain an attractive property and not disturb the architectural designs that have been created, NO ALTERATIONS to the exterior of the building may be made by residents. The only exception will be the displaying of the American flag on such days as 4th of July, Flag Day (June 14th), Memorial Day, Labor Day or other recognized dates. The means of mounting the flag must be approved by management. Residents may NOT install their own outside antennae or satellite dishes. Owner may consent to a dish satellite or other receiver. Requests must be made in writing, giving at least one week notice. Owner will determine where a dish/satellite/receiver may be placed. Absolutely nothing is allowed to be attached to the roof, overhangs or brick on any structure.

8. INTERIOR ALTERATIONS. Residents wishing to make any alterations such as painting, wallpapering, or hanging decorative light fixtures on the interior of their apartment must first obtain written permission for management. If approval is given, the following general rule will apply: Upon vacating the dwelling, the resident must remove the improvement and restore the dwelling to its original condition or if the outgoing resident wishes to leave the improvement, and management determines that it is acceptable, the improvement may remain and become part of the property. Alterations not permitted include contact paper, tub adhesives, corkboard, mirrored squares, non-strippable wallpaper and tape to secure wall hangings. Nails are acceptable and will be removed by tenant upon move out.

9. WINDOW TREATMENTS. In order to enhance the appearance of your dwelling, all window treatments must appear white to the outside. Sheets, blankets, foil, etc. are NOT to be hung in place of draperies or blinds. Management reserves the right to determine acceptability of all window coverings.

10. WATERBEDS. Water beds and other liquid filled furniture ARE NOT ALLOWED.

11. RENTERS INSURANCE. It is the responsibility of the resident to secure renter’s insurance for the contents of the dwelling in addition to liability coverage for major occurrences. Please make sure your policy is current at all times. Neither the property owner nor the manager will be responsible for resident’s belongings. Trinity Properties DOES NOT require tenants to purchase renter’s insurance. We urge you get insurance for losses due to theft, fire, water damage, pipe leaks and other similar occurrences. Renter’s insurance does not cover losses due to a flood. Information on renter’s insurance is available from the Texas Department of Insurance.

12. FURNISHINGS. All equipment, appliances and amenities in the dwelling are to be used for the purpose intended and in accordance with any instructions provided. Alteration of these furnishings is strictly prohibited without written consent of management. Washers and dryers may be installed in the dwelling only if connections are already available. No storage of appliances inside dwelling unless in working order.
Please do not overload your dishwasher and only use detergents made for automatic dishwashers. Turn on cold water before starting your disposal. To keep your disposal in good working order, do not grind bones, rinds or stringy foods. If your disposal stops, check the reset button (normally located on the outside bottom of the disposal) before reporting the problem to management.

Do not flush paper towels, cloths (Clorox or others labeled as flushable), disposable diapers, aluminum can tabs, sanitary napkins, tampons, or cotton swabs in toilets.


If you do not have a frost-free refrigerator, it is time to defrost when approximately; one inch of ice has built up in your freezer. Please do not use sharp objects to defrost your freezer, as they will puncture the freezer wall.

13. PIPE AND FREEZER PREVENTION. If you plan to be away from your dwelling for any length of time during the cold weather season, remember to leave the heat on in your dwelling at a minimum of 64 degrees, drip your faucets and notify management. Failure to do so may result in damage to waterlines from freezing, for which you will be responsible.

14. BARBECUE PITS AND GRILLS. These are NOT permitted on front patios, balconies or common areas. If tenant chooses to use a barbecue pit/grill, there must be a ten (10) foot distance from any structure on the property.

15. MISCELLANEOUS. No recreational vehicles, trailers, ATV’s, boats or RV’s are allowed to be stored on the property. Due to distribution of parking space, we request that residents park only one car near their dwelling (unless other arrangements have been made or spots are assigned). Under no circumstances are vehicles allowed to park on grass areas. Unauthorized, abandoned, improperly licensed, and out of repair vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. Due to damage caused to asphalt and landscaping by solvents/oils, etc., we ask that residents not perform any repairs such as oil changing or engine turning on the property.

16. PETS. No pets are allowed. Visiting pets are not allowed at any time. Please make sure your guests are aware of this policy so they can make other arrangements before visiting. Trained Handicap Assistance Animals are not considered pets and are permitted. If violation occurs charges are $100 for the first day and $10 per day until animal is removed.

17. LEASE TERMINATION. In accordance with your lease contract, other than military transfers, we require that the lease form be fulfilled and that you provide a minimum of at least 60 days written notice of your intent to move out on or before expiration of your lease. We must have a written forwarding address from you before any deposit refund can be made. The dwelling must be left in the condition described in the lease. Your termination of the lease without fulfilling the lease term will result of forfeiture of the deposit, a charge for the cost of re-letting and acceleration of the rents.

18. MOVE-OUTS. If you wish to move out of your dwelling after the lease expiration you must give a minimum of 60 days written notice to vacate. For a refund of your entire deposit, the following requirements must be met:

  • The full term of the lease must be complete
  • A minimum of 60 days written notice must be given and you must pay through the 60 days
  • The dwelling must be left in the same condition as at the time of occupancy (normal wear and tear excepted)
  • All keys and openers must be returned
  • All sums due must be paid prior to move out

*Upon a tenant moving from the property, Management will send out a representative to conduct an inspection of the property. Due to time constraints, our offices WILL NOT schedule a walk through with the tenant. Tenant may take pictures during move out, send an email or fax along with an explanation for any damages to our office.* Paragraph 40 will remain a part of the lease agreement, however this addendum overrides the necessity of meeting with representative.

Any charges, if applicable, will be made against your deposit. The excess charges over your deposit must be paid or your account will be turned over for collection.

Paragraph 28 of the Lease Contract states Management will have access to the property once a 60 day move out notice is given. Our offices will use this time to start showing the property to prospective tenants. Prospects will never enter the dwelling without a representative from our offices accompanying them. NO ONE should ever be allowed into your property to view without a representative unless other arrangements have been made with our offices. We show by appointment only during regular office hours.

19. ASSUMPTION OF LIABILITY. Neither the owner nor the management company shall be liable to resident or to any other person on the premises for any damage to persons or property caused by the wrongful act or omission or negligence of resident or any other persons on the premises with resident’s consent or caused by the wrongful act or by omission or negligence of any other resident or other residents family or invites. Neither the owner nor the management company shall be liable for the loss or damage to any property of residents or residents family, employees, or guests at any time located in the lease premises or on any other lands and/or buildings of which lease premises are part, whether due to theft, or suffered by reason of fire, rising water, rain, hail, lightning, explosion or any other cause beyond the owner or management company control. Landlord, owner nor management company shall not be liable for any injury to persons or property resulting from any failure or interruption of utilities or heating, air conditioning or plumbing systems, unless such failure or interruption is due to owner or management company displaying unreasonable delay and wrongful act or omission and gross negligence following notice to owner or management company of such defect or condition.

Trinity Properties strives to keep all of our units in good repair. There are times when we are unable to have access to specific service technicians. Water line breaks/leaks, air conditioning and heating problems called in after hours may not be repaired until the next business day.